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My services are dedicated to the sacred teachings that bring forth wisdom, and which challenge us to step beyond the boundaries of ordinary mind. My intention is to provide services, education and support to those who are interested in spiritual development and personal life fulfillment. I believe in utilizing knowledge taught by spiritual masters, yogis, rishis … Continue reading



As evolving human organisms we are always striving to explore our universe further, finding better ways to improve our lives and create a better understanding of ourselves.  This basic need reflects the deeper aspects of ourselves; truly we are a work of art, an incredible spiritual being.  By learning, we draw on distinctions:  our body, … Continue reading


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You are God directing; You are Divine Power propelling; You command all. The Universe rushes to fulfill your desire of perfection as it agrees with the scheme of the Divine plan. Immediately dismiss any limiting thoughts or fear. Replace them with full acknowledgement of the Law of One. The…