Enlightend Masters / Spirituality


Higher Consciousness and Prayer Mastery
Through the Ancient Teachings of the Enlightened Spiritual Masters

Come join us in this extraordinary, informative workshop as we explore the writings, poetry and prayers of Saints and Spiritual Masters, both east and west.

In this Workshop you will learn:

•  The States of Consciousness associated with enlightened Masters and exactly how they reached this extraordinary state.

•  The ancient teachings that lead us to higher states of consciousness.

•  Why God CAN’T be Explained.

•  The 9 factors that determine extraordinary prayer results.

• Increase your understanding of ancient spiritual writings and gain a sense of unity among all major religions.  This class steps out of the boundaries of sectarian religion  and gets to the core of universal and original teachings of enlightened Spritual  Masters,   (both east and west).

• Deepen your relationship with the Divine, expand your consciousness, and create the proper flow of electro- magnetic energy within and around your body through:

•  Meditations and visualizations.

• Theory and practice of Sacred Chants of the East

• Learn 12 Major Universal Laws,  Chakra System and more.

• The Lord’s Prayer, translations from the Aramaic Language



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