A House Blessing is a special ceremony used to cleanse a house of past memories and energies, and then bring in new, positive thought and the higher energies of love, light and peace.  Your house blessing is based on your rightful authority over your own dwelling.  You decide who has access into your home, both physically and spiritually, and what atmosphere you will accept for it.

It doesn’t matter what the history of your house may be, or whether it is old or new.  It is by your authority, aligned with the will of God, that the atmosphere in your home will be established from now on.  In biblical times, Joshua said “But for me and my house, we will serve the lord”. ( Joshua 24:15.)  Joshua blesses  and established a special purpose for his home.  During our blessings you can establish a purpose for your home as well.  Now it is by your decision what higher purpose your home shall be dedicated.

Sacred Inspirations house blessings are generally non-sectarian blessings, although we can use prayer  to increase our intentions for your home.  These prayers can have Religious affiliations only if you so desire. We often use Reiki, and incense, or sacred candles,  to cleanse the home of past energies and bring in new energies of love and light. We have a specific ceremonial method that works wonderfully every time !

I can come personally to homes located in most parts of Arizona, or mail you full instructions for blessing  your own home.  Great for a new home you just bought, or a home you’ve lived in but just needs a new “feel” of enlightenment !  Prices vary depending upon the size and location of your home.

If you are interested in having your house blessed, please call or write for further details and instructions.


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