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Chakras (meaning: spinning wheels), are energy centers that distribute, direct and balance the flow of energy within the human body.  There are 7 major chakras that are positioned along the spinal column, each a circular field of pure electromagnetic energy.  It is important that these energy centers remain balanced as this will determine our overall physical health and insure our proper mental and spiritual development.

The first three chakras (lower chakras) correspond with our physical bodies and physical nature, while the upper three chakras (higher chakras) correspond with our spiritual or higher nature.  The middle chakra (the heart chakra)  acts as a balancing point between the upper and lower chakras.

The following is a basic breakdown of the functions of the 7 major chakras and their Sanskrit name.  I’ll begin with the highest and work to the lowest:

Seventh Chakra -(The Crown, also known as the lotus of a thousand petals)
Sahasrara – Located at the crown of the head.
Associated with the color white or violet, pure awareness of the divine, wisdom, humility, inner peace.

Sixth Chakra – (Third-eye) – Ajna – Located in the middle of the forehead, between the eyebrows.
Associated with the color indigo, intuition, divine intelligence.

Fifth Chakra – (Throat) – Vissuddha – Located in the middle of the throat.
Associated with communication, mental creativity, expression, judgement.

Fourth Chakra (Heart) – Anahata – Located about the center of the chest,  at the level of the nipples.
Associated with the color green or pink, love and compassion

Third Chakra (Solar Plexus) – Manipura –  Located 2 – 4 inches above the navel.
Associated with the color yellow, personal power, inner balance and emotions.

Second Chakra (Sacral) – Svadhisthana – Located just above the pelvic bone.
Associated with the color orange, creativity, sexual drive, personal relationships.

First Chakra (Root) – Muldahara – Located at the base of the spine.
Associated with the color red or brown, self-preservation, security, survival.

The chakras easily become disturbed during everyday lives due to negative thoughts, unhealthful habits, and ordinary day-to-day stress.  To keep our chakras healthy and balanced we need to pay attention to how we think, the proper care of our bodies, and the environments and relationships we choose.

There are many techniques for rebalancing our chakras, including visualization or visiting an energy practitioner skilled in methods such as Reiki and crystal therapy.   While at home, there are easy ways to use mineral stones by placing them on the particular chakra area of the body.  You can then visualize the particular color associated with each chakra.  The following is a list of stones that can be used in this way:

Seventh Chakra:   amethyst, clear quartz, diamond.

Sixth Chakra:  lapis, purple florite, azurite.

Fifth Chakra:  turquoise, blue opal, blue lace agate.

Fourth Chakra:  pink or green tourmaline, malachite, pink safire, jade.

Third Chakra:  yellow tourmaline, citrine, amber.

Second Chakra:  moonstone, carnelian, orange tourmaline.

First Chakra: hematite, bloodstone, black or brown tourmaline, garnet.

Any type of yoga practice is valuable and particularly Kundalini yoga and  Naad Yoga. If attending a yoga class is difficult then a few yoga postures at home each day along with pranayama (breath techniques) and sacred mantras are great solutions for managing the health of your chakras.

Keeping our chakras healthy is sure to improve our overall health and well-being.  To the seasoned yogi, keeping chakras healthy is an important step to enlightenment.  Whatever our goal might be, it is surely a task worth the effort.


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